Illuminating the path towards success

Sarthak IAS is premier coaching institute based on Lucknow for the preparation of Civil Services Examination. In a country where people ask you “Private or Government??” just after listening the word ’job’, it simply describes the craze and enthusiasm related to Government jobs. When the matter is related to highly respected Civil Services, the craze of the youth for cracking this one of the toughest examination simply sums the respect it command in the hearts of youth. For a decade, Sarthak IAS is illuminating the path of the aspirants through knowledge and experiencefor beating this examination and achieving their dream job.

why we are the best ias coaching in lucknow
A range of facilities like high quality written and printed notes, daily discussion on individual topics, writing practice for improving the answer writing skill, Weekly Examination Pattern (Pre, Mains) based Mock Speed test, high end library, free Wi-Fi facility and many others makes this journey of the student an enriching experience. Curious young minds when get a deep taste of knowledge, they simply thrive and grow to become the person who deserves to crack the exam and hold the prestigiousposition.