From The Manager’s Desk


Excellence is the need of the hour. Education as any one would agree is inevitable element in our lives and we can not do without education. Against the background of the patriarchal system of society, the women need special attention to ensure their development and participation in the decision making process at home, in the community and in governance. Thus keeping this in view the college has its objective of bringing about Economic and social development of the women and improving their status in the community. The college has decided to encourage general and job oriented courses. The college continues to espouse academic excellence and offers quality and value based education to women, under the guidance of well versed highly qualified and experienced teachers. The college has well equipped library. The lecturers and well trained librarians are always available to assist students to equip themselves with immense knowledge.

In the era of globalization, to remain visible in the world this college trains students for global market.Lastly I acknowledge the mighty hand of God who steers us as we hold the lamp of knowledge and learning and share it with all who come to us.


From The Principal’s Desk
Education is always preparing for future. Young people, children and especially women must be given through education the tools to deal with the different tasks that they will need to perform in their lives. They must be helped to prepare themselves for their private lives, but equally be prepared to participate in economic, cultural and political life of their societies. This Institution tries to provide need based and quality education. Quality education should be regarded as a process of consumption, but as a process of interaction between teachers and students.The college offers courses that are monitored by highly qualified and experienced teachers. The admitted students will not only get the benefit of their guidance but will find coming years more regarding and will produce students with global outlook.
Our Vision

Our educational programs reflect the college’s commitment to the environment and social justice.


Our Mission
Its mission is to uplift and empower women from all the sections of society by providing them, quality education, thereby creating a new generation of self reliant and educated women, thereby transforming them liability into assets for their families. Thus the institution has been contributing consistently, towards the self empowerment, self worth, self love and self respect of the women.


To provide education to women irrespective of caste, creed and religion.
To provide education and to strengthen the weaker sections of society.
To produce global citizens as per the need of globalization.
To develop the sense of social responsibility and to perceive education in terms of social reality.
To ensure quality and need based education.
The College Motto
“Education Through Innovation”